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Raw food Thanksgiving menu


Raw food Thanksgiving menu

A raw creamy mushroom soup would be a nice starter for a raw food Thanksgiving meal.

Raw food Thanksgiving menu

Raw holiday stuffing

Raw food Thanksgiving menu

Raw cranberry pie

Wondering how to celebrate Thanksgiving on a raw food diet? Here's a few fall-themed raw food suggestions for a raw vegan menu for your Thanksgiving, Christmas or other holiday.


As a starter, try a savory fall raw food soup. A creamy raw vegan mushroom soup or a fresh raw corn chowder can be warmed just a touch before serving. Another starter idea? Try these stuffed mushrooms with a herbed walnut pate. These yummy little mushrooms would also work as a Thanksgiving side dish, or even an entree, if you used large mushrooms, such as portabellas, to stuff.


Certainly, salads don't have to be a part of your raw Thanksgiving menu, but if you want to serve a salad, there's no need for it to be boring. Try a fall arugula and cranberry salad with a sweet ginger dressing. Another appropriate side salad is this beet green and fresh herb salad with basil and parsley in a fresh vinaigrette.

Raw Stuffing:

No Thanksgiving table is complete without stuffing! Or dressing, depending on where you're from. Try out this incredible raw food stuffing recipe, made from all the traditional thanksgiving herbs - thyme, sage and rosemary - and filled with celery and sunflower seeds for crunch. This raw stuffing will be a welcome addition to your raw food Thanksgiving meal, year after year after year.

The Main Dish:

No, you won't be eating turkey for Thanksgiving as a raw foodist, but neither will you be eating tryptophan, growth hormones or cholesterol! For a centerpiece at your raw holiday table, try this savory sprouted quinoa pilaf made with a medley of vegetables marinated in a balsamic blend and seasoned with the fresh fall herbs central to any Thanksgiving meal.

Raw Food Side Dishes:

For a side dish for your raw food Thanksgiving, try this raw substitute for raw mashed potatoes made from mashed cauliflower and parsnips, topped off, of course, with a raw food gravy made from mushrooms. Yum! When celebrating a raw food Thanksgiving or Christmas, you can enjoy a raw cranberry sauce made from fresh cranberries and dates to sweeten them up.

Raw Thanksgiving Dessert:

What Thanksgiving dinner would be complete without pumpkin pie? Try this raw food pumpkin pie made from pureed pumpkins and bananas to finish up your raw holiday feast, or, try this raw spiced pear cobbler with nutmeg, cinnamon and dates. Another option is this beautiful fresh cranberry pie, made with a simple buckwheat crust and a date-sweetened cranberry filling. You can't go wrong. Not feeling traditional? Try another one of these raw food dessert recipes.

More tips for staying raw and keeping the peace at Thanksgiving:

If you're surrounded my people with a very different diet than you, it can be a bit difficult to share a holiday table without feeling at least a little bit odd and socially ostracized at best. Check out how to eat raw and keep the peace at the holidays for suggestions.

Have a wonderful, healthy and raw Thanksgiving!

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