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Breakfast Ideas for a Raw Food Diet


Breakfast Ideas for a Raw Food Diet

Pictured: Raw muesli with mangoes and nut milk

Breakfast Ideas for a Raw Food Diet
Breakfast Ideas for a Raw Food Diet

Pictured: Homemade raw cashew milk

If you've been experimenting with raw foods or are eating a raw vegan diet, you may be wondering what to eat for breakfast (or brunch!)when you just don't feel like having a salad or veggies for breakfast. Of course, fruit, smoothies and shakes are always great, but here's a few more ways to have a fabulous first meal of the day on a raw vegan diet:

Raw cereals

Cereal out of the box has never been a healthy choice, but a homemade cereal substitute made with nuts or soaked grains is a great way to start of the day. Try this sweet and crunchy raw muesli recipe (pictured) made with nuts and dates and topped with fresh fruit and nut milk or raw cashew cream.

Got a bit more time to spare in the kitchen? Pair your raw breakfast cereals with a homemade raw nut yogurt

Whole steel cut oats can be soaked overnight to soften them up for a raw food breakfast - no cooking needed. Add nuts, fruits, dates and cinnamon to make a bowl of oatmeal that can be gently warmed on the heating pad of a coffee pot or even in your dehydrator. Here's one raw apple cinnamon oatmeal recipe to try.

Though not exactly a cereal, you could also try a raw trail mix for breakfast, or make up a raw foods granola using goji berries and buckwheat.

Healthy raw food smoothies for breakfast:

How can we talk about healthy raw food breakfasts without mentioning fruit smoothies and green smoothies in particular? These are so energizing, revitalizing and nourishing that you won't even think about missing your morning coffee. Try a raw green smoothie with orange juice or a green smoothie with pineapple. This raw mango shake is simply sublime. For a treat, try a raw banana carob smoothie or even a creamy raw chocolate shake. Why not? It's all raw!

Morning drinks:

Coffee is definitely out on a raw food diet, but how about an herbal tea or a nice cup of spiced Indian chai made with whole spices and ground nut milk? Cashew milk or almond milk is always nice to have on hand to sip, or add to cereals or smoothies.

Special occasions:

If your serving your honey some breakfast in bread, or just want a nice breakfast for a special occasion, try these raw food apple cinnamon pancakes warmed in the dehydrator and topped with agave nectar, or this vanilla nut butter spread - yum! A colorful raw blueberry pudding would make a nice side dish, or could even be enjoyed on it's own.
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