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Make Raw Food Fun For the Holidays

How to Deal When Family and Friends Meet Your New Diet Choices


Eating a raw food diet around the holiday season is a sure fire way to set yourself apart from the group. Part of the raw lifestyle is definitely having to face a lot of questions and input on your choices. To say that skeptics of the raw diet abound is an understatement, our families and friends are chock full of them. And anything out of the norm is going to seem even more so at this most traditional time of year. This is the time when everything gets cooked, even the fruit. So whether you like to broadcast your choices over the internet on a daily basis or you're just trying to live a quite healthy lifestyle, it can be intimidating (and a real party pooper) to have to stand up to the crowd. Try utilizing these humble tips to help keep you in a festive mood this holiday season.

Make it Easy

When mom asks you what on Earth she can possibly serve you, keep it simple. "I love to eat salad, Mom. Don't knock yourself out." is a great reply. If that doesn't work you can offer to make your own food. Keeping the burden of providing specialty food off of your hosts is the best way to coast on through. Still, some people will not be satisfied with not stuffing your face themselves. In this case you could recommend your favorite raw recipe book or send them an email with a couple simple recipes that they can make, and tell them you'll bring the pumpkin pie.

Keep the peace

Leave the defense and the offense on the football field. Once you are in celebration mode try to keep a lighthearted attitude. It's natural for people to question and even make fun of what is different, unusual, or downright bizarre. People are as protective and dedicated to their diet choices as they are to their politics. This is one topic of conversation that can get very heated, very fast (especially if you're going to say that it cures diseases that they have!). Use your energy wisely, it's hard enough to resist mashed potatoes, don't go trying to win any arguments today!

Educate the willing

Certainly some of your friends and family will be open to hearing what you have to say about your wacky new ways. So you may want to freshen up on your facts and statistics, be ready to articulate yourself. Or if you'd rather relax and enjoy yourself instead, bring along a couple reference materials, especially ones with pretty flashy pictures of delicious raw foods.

Don't draw extra attention to yourself

One amazing thing I have noticed about my many radical diet choices over the years is that if you don't bring it up, most people simply won't notice. People have enough on their plates! Seriously, usually at big dinners, everyone is paying most attention to feeding their own faces, carrying on conversations, feeding children and a myriad of other interpersonal phenomena. The only way most folks will notice is if you say something about it yourself.

Be thankful

Tis the season for gratitude in great abundance. Being thankful for all of the effort that others put in to make our choices work within the group is a great way to leave everyone with a good impression.

Make yummy food

The best way to turn people's skepticism into acceptance is with a fork! If you are going to prepare food for a group this holiday season, now's the time to bust out your best and brightest recipes. It can be as simple as a salad dressing or as complex as a terrine. Surely dessert is the tastiest and most powerful way to please the crowd. The proof is in the pudding!


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