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Vegan drinks

Looking for vegan dairy-free drink recipes to try? Scroll through this recipe collection of vegetarian, vegan, and dairy-free drinks from simple to elegant! Try vegan tea recipes, ven nut milk recipes, easy healthy smoothies, sangria, summer drinks, party drinks and more

Vegan Irish Coffee Recipe
Try a vegan Irish coffee to go along with your non-dairy vegetarian St. Patrick's Day celebration, or anytime you need a warming pick-me-up!

Watermelon limeade chiller
An icy-cold summer treat of watermelon with a squeeze of lime. So refreshing and so healthy!

Healthy Turmeric Tea Recipe
Healthy Turmeric Tea Recipe

Non-dairy Cashew Milk
Homemade cashew milk is a rich and creamy milk substitute for vegans who avoid soy or just want to try a homemade cashew nut milk recipe.

Vegan Orange Mango Lassi Recipe
Vegan Orange Mango Lassi Recipe. Though traditional Indian fruit lassi is made with yogurt, this vegan recipe uses tofu instead to get a creamy flavor. Try using other fruits, besides just mango, as well. Tropical fruits such as pineapple or papaya will work well. This vegan Indian food recipe is also sugar-free.

Raw Food Cardamom Lassi
Raw food meets the taste of India with this recipe for a Raw Food Cardamom Lassi. This simple, quick raw food diet creation is sure to make your mouth water, as it is supposed to!

Vegan Tofu Mango Lassi Recipe
Vegan Tofu Mango Lassi Recipe

Raw Food Hemp Milk Recipe - How to make hemp milk!
Hemp milk recipe made from hemp seeds and suitable for vegans and those on a raw food diet. Hemps seeds are a powerhouse of nutrition and suitable for a raw food diet. This simple milk recipe made from raw hemp seeds provides an ideal milk substitute.

Almond Milk
Homemade raw almond milk is great with cereal or granola. Try this delicious and nutritious vegan almond milk recipe.

Raw Food Pineapple Green Smoothie
Making raw food for breakfast just got tastier. Follow this recipe for a Raw Food Green Smoothie and see how easy it can be to eat your spinach.

Miso Broth Tea
Miso broth makes a wonderful tea-like drink. Be sure to stir well.

Ginger Tea
Treat yourself to a cup of piping hot ginger tea, a healthy drink that's great for digestion.

Turmeric Tea Recipe
Yogi Bhajan, founder of the Yogi Tea brand, recommends this hot turmeric and almond oil tea for joint and bone health.

Raw Food Green Fruit Smoothie
A healthy green smoothie recipe with fresh kale, bananas and orange juice. So nutritious!

Chai Tea
Impress your friends with a pot of homemade chai spiced tea.

Honeymoon Healer
Even those not on a raw food diet can enhance their health with fresh raw fruit juices such as this recipe for cranberry citrus juice. The Honeymoon Healer recipe from 'Raw Food Real World' by Sarma Melngailis and Matthew Kenney makes a joy out of taking in abundant nutrition.

Red Wine Sangria Recipe
This flavorful chilled red wine sangria recipe is the perfect complement to a romantic dinner. Made with red wine of any kind, Grand Marnier, apples, oranges and lime.

Raw Creamy Dark Chocolate Milkshake
Raw chocolate dessert is a must for every raw foodist. Use this Raw Chocolate Milkshake recipe when raw chocolate is on the menu but time is of the essence!

Fresh Raw Vegan Virgin Bloody Mary
A Bloody Mary can come in many shapes and sizes. Follow this recipe to create yourself a raw food and vegan version of the popular drink.

Blueberry and spinach superfood green smoothie
A superfood green smoothie recipe made with blueberries for a powerful eye-opening anti-oxidant boost. A superfood meal in a green smoothie package.

Cucumber Mint Pineapple Whole Juice
Blending fruits rather than juicing them yields 'whole juice'. This recipe utilizes cucumber and pineapple blended with coconut water for a nutritious, electrolyte-filled, rehydrating juice beverage.

Grapefruit margarita pitchers
Grapefruit margarita pitchers

Vegan Nut milk chai latte recipe
If you don't have the whole spices, you can easily substitute ground spices though it may make the drink a wee bit more grainy. This Indian chai tea recipe is caffeine-free, vegan, and suitable for a raw food diet. Another fabulous vegan drink recipe.

Coconut mango margaritas
Coconut mango maragaritas

Vegan eggnog recipe
Vegan eggnog for a vegan Christmas! A rich and flavorful dairy-free and egg-free recipe for vegan egg nog (or eggnog) suitable for the kids. Egg nog is a traditional Christmas holiday drink, and you won't miss the eggs with this delicious homemade vegan nog recipe.

Leche con frutas smoothie
A fruit smoothie made with three kinds of fruit, vanilla syrup, and topped off with a shake of cocoa powder. From the popular Lucky Cat Cafe, in Brooklyn, New York. Use soy milk or almond milk instead of dairy to keep it vegan and lower in fat, of course. If you like vegan smoothies, check out this easy drink video recipe.

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