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Seitan, tofu and meat substitutes

Recipes for grilled seitan, tofu and other vegetarian and vegan meat substitutes on the grill.

Cilantro Lime Grilled Tofu
Tofu is marinated in a Mexican spiced cilantro and lime marinade and then grilled on your outdoor barbecue.

Zesty Grilled Seitan Recipe
Grilled seitan with a zesty spiced sauce. If you like seitan, why not try this easy vegetarian and vegan barbecued seitan recipe!

Barbecue Tofu for Kids
An easy barbecued tofu recipe perfect for vegetarian or vegan kids! Using a ketchup-based sauce makes this easy grilled tofu recipe perfect for kids.

How to grill tofu
Everything you need to know about grilling tofu, including tips, techniques, marinades and recipes.

Smoky Asian Grilled Tofu Recipe
Grill your tofu in a tangy Asian hoisin-based sauce for an unusual barbecued tofu recipe. Perfect for your vegetarian or vegan barbecue. It's always best to let the tofu marinade in the sauce for several hours before grilling, so prepare in advance - even the night before your barbecue!

Grilled Tofu with Chimichurri Sauce
Chimichurri sauce is one of those simple foods that is just ridiculously delicious. This pairing of grilled tofu with chimichurri sauce and garlic bread is a vegetarian meal that will have all the omnivores at your barbecue sneaking a taste.

Curried Grilled Seitan Kebabs
Curried Grilled Seitan Kebabs. A vegetarian and vegan barbecue recipe, perfect for your summer or holiday cookout. This seitan recipe is also Indian inspired, with a strong curry flavor.

Grilled tofu with peppery blackened seasoning
An easy marinated tofu grilled with a generous rub of blackened seasoning spices, including black pepper and paprika.

Tofu stir-fry recipes
Tofu stir-fry recipes - Vegetarian stir fry with tofu

Vegetarian "Chicken" Kabobs
Vegetarian "Chicken" Kabobs

Sweet and Spicy Barbecue Tofu Recipe
This recipe for Sweet and Spicy Barbecue Tofu has a bit of sugar and orange juice for sweetness, but gets a spicy kick from chili powder and red pepper. Tofu is always a healthy, low-fat and easy to grill item to bring along to a barbecue, and this easy vegetarian and vegan recipe is sure to be a hit!

Barbecue Tandoori Seitan
There's nothing like slow-cooked Indian tandoori! This vegetarian and vegan recipe uses seitan and soy yogurt for a barbecued version you can make on your outdoor grill. Barbecued tandoori-style seitan makes for an unusal dish to bring to a barbecue or a picnic.

Lemon thyme marinade for grilling tofu
A simple marinade for tofu made from lemon, basil and thyme. Let your tofu sit in this marinade for several hours to absorb all the rich fresh herb flavors of a lemon, thyme and basil marinade.

Vegetarian grilled "sausage" kabobs
Vegetarian grilled "sausage" kabobs with grilled onions and potatoes - vegan recipe

Vegetarian grilled "chicken" scaloppini
Grill up some store-bought vegetarian and vegan "chicken" with this easy barbecue recipe using Gardein scallopini.

Grilled lemon herb vegetarian "chicken" scallopini
Grilled lemon herb vegetarian "chicken" scallopini. This recipe makes a whole lot of the spice rub, so it'd be great if you're grilling for a large (and hungry!) vegetarian crowd.

Easy grilled tofu satay
This is an easy recipe, inspired by Indonesian and Thai satay recipes, for a simple grilled tofu satay in a simple coconut, curry paste and peanut butter satay sauce.

Easy grilled seitan in barbecue sauce
Grilled seitan in barbecue sauce - Easy barbecued seitan - How to grill seitan recipe with barbecue bbq sauce - Vegetarian vegan

Grilled vegetarian "beef" skewers
Grilled vegetarian "beef" skewers marinated and grilled. No beef! The recipe calls for mushrooms, bell peppers and onions too, but use any grillable vegetable that you like, perhaps zucchini or tomato chunks. If you're looking for a way to grill a mock-meat dish, this is a great recipe to try.

Tandoori tofu recipe
Inspired by Indian flavors, try out this simple grilled tandoori tofu recipe at your next vegetarian barbecue.

Gardein vegan mini-meatballs recipe
These little vegetarian and vegan mini-meatballs are the cutest vegetarian appetizer you've ever seen. Add this simple mini-meatless-meatball recipe to your dinner party or Super Bowl menu.

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