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Vegan Dessert Recipes, including pies, cookies, cakes and more!
What's not to love about vegan desserts? They're sweet and delicious, just like desserts should be! Just about any of your favorite desserts can be made ...
Vegetarian and Vegan Dessert Recipes - Vegan Cookie Recipes ...
From simple to indulgent, here's a variety of vegetarian and vegan (dairy and egg -free) dessert recipes for every occasion including raw and no-bake cookies, ...
Vegan Thanksgiving Dessert Recipes (Dairy-free, Egg-free0
No Thanksgiving meal - vegetarian, vegan or not! - is complete without a fabulous dessert! Scroll through some traditional Thanksgiving dessert recipes, or, ...
Vegan Desserts Recipes - Dairy Free Cooking - About.com
Vegan Desserts. These dairy-free egg-free desserts are perfect for those who are lactose-free, egg-free, vegan or who just like delicious foods! Look here for ...
Vegan Kids Dessert Recipes Directory
Vegan Desserts for Kids. From vegan puddings to vegan cakes and cookies, this collection of vegan dessert recipes is especially for kids, though vegan adults ...
Quick and Easy Vegetarian Vegan Desserts - Vegetarian Food
With just four healthy ingredients, this quick and easy dessert is as healthy as it is quick! Perfect for vegans and vegetarians as it's made with protein-boosting ...
Vegan Easter Desserts - Dairy Free Cooking - About.com
If you're looking for the perfect vegan dessert for your Easter celebration, you're in luck! This collection of Vegan Easter Desserts contains some of my favorite ...
Low-calorie Vegan Dessert Recipes - Low-cal Desserts
This low-calorie vegan dessert is also sugar-free, an added bonus. ... Enjoy a healthier low-calorie and sugar-free pumpkin pie for your Thanksgiving dessert.
Vegan Tofu Dessert Recipes (Silken Tofu Desserts) - Vegetarian Food
When making desserts using tofu, most recipes will call for silken tofu, rather than firm or extra-firm tofu. This makes a big difference, so be sure you've got the ...
Vegan Desserts for Kids - Dairy Free Cooking - About.com
Vegan Desserts for Kids. Whether your child is vegan or allergic to dairy and eggs, these delicious vegan desserts recipes for kids are something you'll both ...
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