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Best Vegetarian and Vegan Mock Meats and Substitutes
Vegetarian meats (also called meat substitutes or mock meats) come in just about every type imaginable - from the common everyday veggie burger to the exotic ...
Seitan, tofu and meat substitutes - Vegetarian Food - About.com
Grilled seitan, grilled tofu recipes and other vegetarian meat substitutes on the grill.
Seitan - What is seitan? - Definition and How to Make Seitan
Asian restaurants often use seitan as a vegetarian mock meat, and seitan is also ... products such as Tofurky deli slices and other vegetarian meat substitutes.
Meat Substitutes to Include in Your Cholesterol Lowering Diet
Oct 25, 2013 ... Meat substitutes can be an important -- low fat -- alternative to red meat in your cholesterol lowering diet. Try these healthy tips and recipes that ...
Meat Substitutes and TVPs - Calorie Count
Find the number of calories and view food labels for popular meat substitues. ... Calories in Textured Vegetable Proteins and Meat Substitutes. Foods >.
Deli Meat Substitutes? - Calorie Count
Anybody have a suggestion for a better brand of fake deli meat or an alternative altogether to put on my sandwich? 6 Replies (last).
How to Get Enough Protein on a Vegetarian Diet - Vegetarian Food
Many people still believe that protein is only available from meat and animal ... Most commercial meat substitutes are made from either soy protein, wheat protein ...
Getting Protein When You're Gluten-Free Vegetarian or Vegan
Dec 10, 2014 ... ... gluten-free vegetarian or vegan diet may seem tricky, since many of the usual vegetarian protein sources — seitan and other meat substitutes ...
Hate tofu? Don't like it? Vegetarian Alternatives to Tofu
If so, good news, you don't have to have a meat substitute, and, even if you don't believe me, there are plenty of meat substitutes out there besides tofu. Here's a ...
Vegan turkey substitutes for Thanksgiving
Vegetarian turkey substitutes reviewed, listed and pictured. ... Browse through this complete guide to meat-free Thanksgivings, including hundreds of recipes, ...
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