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13 Vegetarian and Vegan Bean Dip Recipes - Vegetarian Food
A variety of bean dip recipes to try from basic to gourmet! Vegetarian bean dip is a classic appetizer that just about everyone loves. Several of these bean dip ...
Quick Vegan Salsa with Beans Dip Recipe - Vegetarian Food
Quick Salsa with Beans. Is it salsa? Is it bean dip? This vegetarian and vegan Mexican quick dip recipe is a little of both - so call it whatever you want! Made with ...
Spicy Vegetarian Bean Dip with Green Chilies - Vegetarian Food
Vegetarian bean dip is great for vegging out in front of the TV or for a casual vegetarian Superbowl or party appetizer. This vegetarian bean dip recipe is also  ...
Black Bean Dip Recipe - Cooking for Kids - About.com
This black bean dip recipe is made with canned black beans, lime juice, salsa and cream cheese. If you like black bean dip recipes that are spicy, you can add  ...
Moroccan Fava Bean (Broad Bean) Dip Recipe - Bessara
Dried fava beans, garlic, lemon juice and olive oil are used to make a tangy Moroccan dip called bessara. Hummus lovers will like this!
Low-Carb Bean Dip Recipe - Easy Recipe for Bean Dip
This easy dip can be made super-low carb by using black soy beans, but many low carb diets include some other beans as well.
Easy Cheesy Crock Pot Bean Dip Recipe
This super cheesy (and quick and easy!) vegetarian bean dip recipe can be prepared in just a few minutes and kept warm in the crockpot when served.
Vegetarian 7 Layer Bean Dip Appetizer - Vegetarian Food - About.com
This classic vegetarian seven layer dip recipe is made with taco seasoning, salsa , beans and cheese. 7 layer dip is a quick and easy vegetarian appetizer, ...
Vegetarian Black Beans and Cheese Dip Recipe - Vegetarian Food
A classic and indulgent vegetarian bean dip recipe with black beans and lots of cheddar cheese. With plenty of rich milk and butter, this is not a bean dip for ...
Vegan White Bean & Fresh Herb Spread or Dip Recipe
Make high-protein vegetarian sandwiches using this spread made from Great Northern beans and fresh herbs, or, serve it as a dip with either baguettes, veggies ...
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