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The Daily Vegan Planner is out!

By November 30, 2011

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For those of you who have "always wanted to go vegan", but didn't quite know where to start, here's your opportunity. The Daily Vegan Planner is the first of it's kind: a guided meal plan and journal filled with recipes and foods for busy people, with easy to find ingredients, and, it's filled with the foods I actually eat on a regular basis (REAL foods, no rutabega salsa or seven-layer cakes). I consulted with several other vegans to get an understanding of how most people actually eat. Not how we should eat, or how we wish we ate, but we vegans all actually eat in our real lives on a daily basis.

I also often receive emails from people asking me for nutritionally balanced meal plans. Along with 12 full weeks of meal plans, The Daily Vegan Planner provides nutritional information for each of the meals, snacks and recipes, along with several hundred common vegan foods, space to monitor your progress and tips about what to expect each week. If you're new to eating vegan, you'll be eased in with some familiar foods, and, if you've been eating vegan a while, it's a great way to find out just how healthy you've been eating.

This book is designed to help busy people easily transition into a healthy, balanced vegan diet for life. It's my sincere hope that it does just that.

Sample recipes from the book:
Sample breakfast recipe: Pumpkin protein smoothie
Sample lunch recipe: Vietnamese noodle salad
Sample dinner recipe: Massaman curried seitan and potatoes

Shop online: The Daily Vegan Planner, by me!

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February 26, 2013 at 5:32 pm
(1) Curt says:

Where can you find pickled garlic?

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