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I resolve to eat more greens just about everyday. Fortunately, I really like eating spinach and broccoli, and I love collards and kale if they're prepared properly. There's about 5000 reasons why just about everyone should eat more greens. Need just one? They're the healthiest food on the planet and packed full of just about everything you need, including calcium, iron, protein and lots of vitamins.

Eat at least some of your greens raw, as in this pictured spinach and beet salad, to get the most nutrients.

  • Spinach, beet and orange salad Topped with a homemade maple vinaigrette dressing. Pictured.
  • Spinach Dijon salad Another fresh green salad recipe.
  • Quick vegan creamed spinach recipe Only four ingredients - no excuses not to eat your greens!
  • Spinach and mascarpone cream soup
  • Raw kale chips
  • Even more recipes for leafy greens Escarole, collards, baby bok choy, kale, mustard greens, you name it!

    See also: 7 Quick Tips for Vegetarian Health (The first one is - you guessed it - eat more greens!)

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