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Vegan cookies!

Four vegan cookies

Browse through dozens of vegan cookie recipes to try, all completely dairy-free, egg-free and delicious. There's gingerbread cookies, cranberry cookies, pumpkin cookies, chocolate chip cookies and more!

Vegan cookies and more:
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Vegetarian sandwiches

Wednesday April 23, 2014
I have a theory that even the most grown up among us love indulging in versions of our favorite childhood comfort foods from time to time. Like grilled cheese? Try this apple cheddar panini for grown ups, or, make your childhood grilled cheese even better by adding vegetarian bacon (pictured). Yes, that's right.

When it comes to vegetarian sandwiches, the possibilities are endless! Try making sandwiches from your favorite vegetarian meat substitutes, use healthy vegetarian spreads such as hummus, or explore different nut butters such as cashew nut butter.

Here's a few of my favorite vegetarian sandwiches to try.

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Tofu for breakfast

Tuesday April 22, 2014
Besides the obvious tofu scramble, there is indeed, plenty of ways to get a healthy soy protein boost in before lunch. Try one of these quiches, smoothies and even pancakes, each of which uses tofu.

Link: Tofu for breakfast

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Putting vegetables center stage

Sunday April 20, 2014
Or rather, center plate! We all could use more vegetables in our lives, including me. Whole grains are great, and I love pasta just as much as the next person (if not more!), but the bottom of the food pyramid really should be filled with fresh healthy vegetables. Here's a few recipes which put vegetables at the center of your plate:
  • Broccoli in sweet garlic sauce (pictured)
  • Yellow Thai curry with mixed vegetables
  • Indian broccoli and potato curry recipe
  • Vegetable tacos with zucchini
  • Simple mixed veggie stir-fry

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  • New recipes to try!

    Friday April 18, 2014
    Welcome to About.com Vegetarian food! If you're new, you may want to check out the complete list of vegetarian recipes here, or browse through the collection of vegan recipes here.

    If you've been here before, or you're looking to get inspired, you've come to the right place. There's always new recipes and resources featured right here in this space. It's my firm belief that trying new foods, having fun exploring new recipes and awakening your palette to new flavors and textures is one of the best parts of being a vegetarian (or vegan)!

    Here's a few new vegetarian and vegan recipes fresh on About.com that you might want to try. Enjoy!

  • Quinoa pudding Like tapioca pudding, but looking for a healthier, gluten-free and vegan version? Try this similar quinoa pudding recipe.
  • Caramelized French onion soup with apples Its all right there in the name - topped off with chunks of crusty toasted bread.
  • Potato and cheese taquitos Making taquitos is as simple as corn tortillas, leftover mashed potatoes and cheese. Try it!
  • Coconut corn and bean chowder Inspired by the flavors of Brazil and the Caribbean. (Pictured)

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